JP in Practice

Justice of the Peace in Practice

A Guide for Mentors and Mentees


Michael Rees JP (Qual), and Kay McInnes JP (Qual)

Edition 2, 2018


This guide forms a structured reference for mentoring those with recent JP (Qual) credentials who wish to gather more information to assist them at the beginning of their volunteer work as a JP. Those JPs wishing to refresh their current skills may also find this guide useful. Mentees may find this an ongoing useful reference about the types of documents and how to witness them.

All the examples, hints and suggestions contained in this guide are informed by the day-to-day experience of the authors and their fellow JPs working in signing sites within the JPs in the Community Program. Information in this guide carries no formal authority but is taken from identified official sources.

For definitive information JPs should always consult the official publications from the JP Branch of the Department of Justice and Attorney-General (JP Branch).

This guide refers to:

Each chapter of JP in Practice concentrates on one type of document or process and shows a:

  • summary of the document and/or process features.
  • list of practical tips born out of experience of the authors and other JPs.
  • list of key references.

Throughout this guide the abbreviation "JP" is used to include both Justice of the Peace (Qualified) and Commissioner for Declarations for document types they are both able to witness.

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Michael Rees and Kay McInnes

Gold Coast

September 2018

Last updated 02 September 2018