7.1 Common Formats

Common Format Statutory Declarations


There are many government department forms and business forms which include Statutory Declarations in their format. They are usually on a separate page and quote the relevant act (Oaths Act 1867, Statutory Declarations Act 1959).


  • if the form includes instructions ensure that the deponent understands these 
  • the declaration as you would for any Statutory Declaration
  • ensure the jurat is in the correct form for the Act under which it is being made


As for all Statutory Declarations. Record the type of declaration in your log book (for example Form 888).

Most commonly seen

  • Traffic Infringement Notices, see later page
  • Form 888 Department of Immigration and Border Protection
  • Form OSR-D2.1 Queensland Government Home or First Home Transfer Duty Concession
  • White Card Applications
  • Blue Card Applications
  • Sending photos of children to prisoners. It is suggested that the Statutory Declaration state the deponent's relationship to the children, the names and date of birth of the children, the prisoner's relationship to the children and the deponent's written consent that the photos may be given to the prisoner
  • Superannuation Claims


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