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03 Checklists and Oaths


Signing Site

Each signing site will have a different set up process. Some common checklist features include:
  • Retrieve key/parking permits from management office
  • Sign in/sign out sheets for shopping centre insurance cover
  • Sign in/sign out for signing site coordinator
  • Stats sheets recording name, shift hours, number of clients and documents

JP Own Materials

As well as a logbook and personal stamps most JPs carry:
  • Personal aide memoirs for complex and unusual document types
  • Spare blank forms for common document types
  • A Christian bible for oaths

Oaths and Warnings

Oaths and warning for the main document types are given on separate pages:

Penalties for False Statements

Note that the penalties for false statements very much depend on the Act under which a document is declared, sworn or affirmed. Thus it is not sensible to mention any specific term of imprisonment in a warning given to the client. From the QJA Journal Winter 2013 some examples are:
  • Qld Criminal Code 1899 Section 193, maximum 7 years
  • Qld Criminal Code 1899 Section 194, maximum 3 years
  • Commonwealth Statutory Declarations Act 1959, maximum 4 years
  • Commonwealth Migration Act 1959 Section 234, maximum 20 years


  • QJA Journal Volume 10 Number 2 Winter 2013, page 13