2.2 Stamps

These are some examples of stamps that are frequently used in witnessing a variety of documents.

Essential Stamps

A standard self-inking adjustable date stamp obtainable from most stationers is worth the small investment. This can be used when the day, month and year can be written together in the document.

A great many documents ask for the full name and qualification of the witnessing JP. These two pieces of information can be combined into a single stamp which saves a good deal of hand writing.

If only the name is required some JPs have a simpler stamp made with just the name. This name-only stamp can also be useful where you feel the need to add a name below a signature on repeated pages of a document.

Recommended Stamps

Several document types ask for the address of the JP witness. We are instructed to use the JPiCP address which is fairly long. While signing sites should have this stamp it is well worthwhile carrying your own copy.

JPs are often called upon to witness the signature of a client on a range of documents such as agreements, letters and statements that do not fall into recognised legal documents. In these circumstances it is important for the JP to indicate that only the client signature was witnessed after confirming identification from appropriate documents. Add your seal/number and signature. Use of this stamp should be noted in the log book.

When faced with a copy of a multi-paged document it is not required to use the full certified copy wording on every page. This stamp can appear on the first page of the copy (with signature, date, seal/number, and the number of pages inserted). Write on every other page '2 of 7' and so on plus your initials.

Useful Stamps

The wording required on each page of a certified copy of an EPA/AHD is verbose and there is a good case for stamps to speed the process. Stamp 1 is used on all pages but the last and the witness signature should be added.

On the last page the more extensive stamp 2 is needed to be accompanied by the witness signature, date, seal and number. Note that the principal named in the EPA/AHD can produce their own certified copy but use of these JP stamps is usually preferred. 

Each annexure attached to an affidavit needs an annotation shown in this stamp. Having counted the pages in the annexure enter the number, the annexure letter or number and the name on the person making the affidavit. Indicate whether sworn or affirmed and the date. The signature of the witness is added under the stamp wording.