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02 JP Signing Kit

Log Book

Make a record of every document that you witness in your log book which should be kept in a safe place. Log book records become vital in the event of a subsequent query about a document or if called as a witness in a court. More layout details appear on the log book entries page.


When qualified all JPs are issued with wooden seal of office stamp by the JP Branch along with a stamp pad of the appropriate colour. Most active JPs make this into a self-inking stamp to avoid carrying the pad. In itself the seal is sufficient to witness documents with associated hand written text and signature. However the amount of hand writing is considerable - to begin with the JP's full name is required to be printed on most documents witnessed.

The seal should be placed on the document beneath, beside or below the signature and should not cover any wording on the document.

For certified copies the JP Branch sells a combined wording and seal stamp with provision for date, signature and name. Most signing sites will have this stamp available. Nevertheless the full name needs to be written, and it is highly recommended that a number of additional frequently-used stamps be purchased to speed up witnessing. The stamps page describes a number of options.

It is possible you may end up with a dozen or so of your own stamps, and it is sensible to find a suitable stamp box for carrying and placing the stamps together on the desk while signing. Black and red ink bottles are useful additions to recharge the pads in each of your self-inking stamps.

Pens and Pencils

Every JP has a personal collection of pens and pencils for writing in log books and the paper documents brought by clients. For writing on the back of photos you may want to consider a fine permanent black marker pen. JPiCP and most signing sites provide pens for clients to use.

Other Items

Again signing sites may have other items such as bibles, rulers, notepads, scissors, stapler, and staple remover available. It pays to have most of these available in your personal signing kit together with tissues and wet ones.